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                                          MARCH 2024

Call out to INSTRUMENT BUILDERS, COMPOSERS and MUSICIANS who work or have worked with stone!

I am currently writing a book about the musical use of stone, to be published at the end of this year or the beginning of 2025. It will be mostly historical but the final section will be about contemporary instrument builders, composers and musicians who work or have worked with stone. Instead of me writing about them I am inviting anybody to whom this applies to write a statement about their use of stone  -  why they have chosen to use it, how they use it, the nature of their work etc. If you would be interested to write something please contact me via the form in the FORUM section or send an email to  Also, if you are not represented on this site and think you should be, please get in touch!

                                                                                                                 Mike Adcock     


This site is dedicated to the musical world of stone. It provides a resource of information, photographs and links to sound and video-clips. These relate to both instruments purpose-built from stone and to examples of found natural stone, from pebbles to so-called rock gongs, utilized for their sonorous qualities.


Opinions are divided as to what exactly constitutes a lithophone. For some it can only refer to a set of tuned stone bars laid out horizontally, a geological equivalent of a xylophone or metallophone. Others, taking the lead solely from it being a composite word derived from the Greek terms for stone and sound, adopt a broader definition. The preference here is to err on the side of inclusivity. In the vast majority of cases the examples featured here are played as percussion instruments, tuned or otherwise, but where examples of a stone flute or trumpet have been found they are also included. 

The site features two main sections, Historical and Contemporary, reflecting the fact that while some examples may date back in usage thousands of years, lithophones are still being built and played today. Both sections are listed alphabetically in countries.


                         Welcome to the world of lithophones!

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