Links       Dirk Brossé  composer, Belgium     Jesse Stewart  composer, scupltor, musician,  Canada   Mike Adcock  musician, composer,  England  Rob MacKay   composer, England   on the C19th instruments from Cumbria, England  site for the Till Family Rock Band compiled by Dr Michael Till,  England  new lithophone for Ruskin's former home, Coniston, England  Will Menter  musician, instrument builder, France    Klaus Feßmann etc   musicians and instrument builders, Germany       Paul Fuchs  sculptor, musician   Danny Becher   sound artist, sculptor, Netherlands  Terje Isungset  musician, composer, Norway   Fritz Hauser  musician,  Switzerland  Dr Kia C.Ng  Director and co-founder of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Research in Music  Rudolf Fritsche   musician, instrument builder, Switzerland  Jim Doble  instrument builder, USA  Tom Kaufmann  musician, instrument builder,  USA  Jonathan Stor  sculptor,  USA