The Richardson Family

The story of how Cumbrian stone-mason Joseph Richardson built his magnificent Rock Harmonicon in the early years of the nineteenth century. With his sons he toured in England and abroad with what became known as the Rock, Bell & Steel Band, performing to no less a dignitary than Queen Victoria herself.

Stoned Folk

An account of a trip to Vietnam in 2008 by Mike Adcock and Ingrid Lund detailing a number of encounters with musical rocks both ancient and modern. It was in Vietnam that the first modern time discoveries of early stone instruments were made and if they are not exactly commonplace they are probably more in evidence than anywhere else in the world.

A short introduction to musical stone

From the Upper Paleolithic age through to the early twentieth century, stone has been the most resilient, if least well publicised material for musical instruments. To find out more, read here!

Honoré Baudre

A translation of an article that appeared in French magazine L'Illustration in July 1901 telling the story of Honoré Baudre, an amateur scientist who spent more than thirty years finding the right pieces of flint to build a lithophone which became known as his geological piano.